Certain kinds of plugs


Safety Matters


The kitchen is a very popular part of our home that needs critical attention when it comes to electrical wiring. Apart from being the workshop of the homemaker, it is a place where more than half of all accidental house fires start.

Depending on when your home is built, if it is older, there is a good chance the outlet where you want to plug in your refrigerator and other kitchen appliances might have been from the same source.

Back in those days, people just did not have the kind of advanced appliances as we do now which supported the kind of electrical wiring they do. Several of these homes only have one feed for the entire kitchen perhaps 2, one for the refrigerator and the remaining kitchen appliances sharing the other. If you happen to be living in this type of house, you will discover that every time you try to turn on the micro while the refrigerator compressor is on the breaker trips. In such case, you may be plugging the refrigerator into the same line as the micro.

These days, houses are wired so ensure most appliances are safe and up to the code in your community. Unless your house is old, you may not be bothered too much with regards to where to plug your refrigerator as long as you do not have lots of other things on the circuit. The only time it is going to pull much of anything, is when the defrost cycle or compressor kicks in.

However to really be safe as to where to plug in your refrigerator and other kitchen appliances and in addition, to know the type of wiring your house has regardless of whether it is old or new, it is important you have an electrical contractor check it for you. Note that the cost of hiring an expert electrical contractor is considerably less compared to when you will have to repair or replace your refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.

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