Pool Power

Electric Hookup for Pools & Spas
in Southern MD


Hooking up the electric to your pool or spa throughout Southern MD requires a licensed electrician.

pool electrical powerWhen installing a pool in your Southern MD neighborhood the installation, both above and below ground, needs to include your electrical hookup.  In most counties (Calvert, St. Mary’s, and Charles) this needs to be done by a licensed professional to pass code and inspections.  It should also be done to code to prevent injury and even death.

At Buckler Electric we always install both inground and above ground pool wiring in accordance to your area code.  We know the distance from the outside disconnect to the pump.  It’s these things that ensure your safety and the safety of family and friends while the pool is being used.

Another electrician online (at yahoo answers) equated this to sticking your finger into an electric socket hoping everything will be ok.  Electric energy is not forgiving.  We agree.  Buckler Electric would like to help you have a happy safe summer.  Call us for all your pool electrical hookup needs.

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