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pool electrical work

Pool Electrician vs DIY

Why should I hire a pool electrician rather than doing it myself when installing a pool? When most Southern MD homeowners install a pool on their property, they may be tempted to tackle the electrical work themselves to save money. However, hiring a professional pool electrician<<link to https://bucklerelectric.com/pool-power/>>is a decision that can help ensure your […]

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overloaded circuits

Signs of overloaded circuits in your home

Signs of overloaded circuits in your home The National Fire Protection Association says that home fires caused by electrical failures or malfunction result in more than 400 deaths per year and cause $1.4 billion in property damage annually. Electrical fires can often be prevented, especially if homeowners learn to identify the signs of overloaded circuits.

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Electrician in Maryland

What Electricians Do in Southern MD

MARYLAND ELECTRICIANS:  WHAT ELECTRICIANS CAN DO Electricians maintain electrical systems for residential homes and businesses. Most electricians specialize in doing work in construction or maintenance. But anymore more and more people are doing both types of work. Electricians test, install and maintain electrical systems for many purposes. Such as climate control, communications and security. Electricians

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Residential lighting repair In Southern Maryland

Professional Electrical Work Near Me

Professional Electrical Work Near Me I’ve been looking for  professional electrical work near me in Southern Maryland when I found a great article about Exterior lighting and how it  improves the safety and appearance of a home on the BucklerElectric.com website. When drafting a to-do list for home improvements that can increase home value and

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Generac Generators

Generators : Look no further than Generac

THIS GENERATOR HAS BEEN SOLD OUT!BUT WE’RE HAPPY TO HELP YOU WITH OTHER POWER GENERATING PRODUCTS! 5500 watt portable generator with 25′ 30 amp cord for emergency backup or any other use.   Compact and Affordable Portable Power.When you need to take your power with you, this compact generator is the perfect answer. The GP5500 model offers

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Buckler Electric Service

Know your electrician

Don’t let just anyone work on the electric in your home.  Electricians are highly skilled, trained and dedicated to their craft.  They don’t take their job lightly. What are the requirements for qualifying exam? Many licenses require minimum amount of spent hours to become an authority in the industry, there are certification exams as well.

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