Know your electrician

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Don’t let just anyone work on the electric in your home.  Electricians are highly skilled, trained and dedicated to their craft.  They don’t take their job lightly.

What are the requirements for qualifying exam? Many licenses require minimum amount of spent hours to become an authority in the industry, there are certification exams as well. It usually ranges between 6000-8000 hours minimum time requirements.

What should one look  for in an electrician?

Electricians are trained so they can  successfully complete their work. They need to have critical thinking skills as they test and use the results to diagnose, to properly resolve customer demand and customer service skills. Electricians also need troubleshooting skills as detect, diagnose and repair problems, and some electricians must be able to work in a management position and guide the work of others and planned work schedules.

How  do electricians become trained?

Apprentice electrician is  a combination of formal training and classroom work. Apprentice electrician work full time and have about 144 clock hours of classroom courses. In addition, some students choose to take courses at a community college or technical school to work in the classroom.

How long is an apprentice?

Apprenticeship programs are provided by members of local unions and organized privately as well. Typical electric learning ideally takes four years, including 144 hours of in-service training per year and 2,000 hours.

Do you need to have a license as an electrician?

Yes and licenses and requirements vary by state.

How does long does it takes to become a master electrician?

In most areas, to become  licensed as a master electrician, you have to have seven years of work experience.

What is a master electrician?

Designated the “master” shows an electrician who can demonstrate a broad knowledge of the work, and companies have extensive knowledge of electrical safety codes of formal proof.

Do I have to apply to become a master electrician?

Yes, there is a testing and application process to becoming a licensed master electrician

After obtaining a license, what should and electrician do?

Electrician may need to take continuing education courses. These courses usually include instructions related to safety practices, changing codes, and specific product formation manufacturers.

What kind of personal capabilities are mandatory?

An electrician is very much a hands-on business, the need for good hand-eye coordination and a clear distinction between the ability to identify the line (i.e., not color-blind) colors.

We hope this information helps you to understand that electricians are highly qualified to work on the electric in your home or business.  Buckler electric is dedicated to bringing the most skilled work into your home.  

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