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Is Your Local southern md electrician Insured

Is Your Local Southern MD Electrician Insured? Why It’s Important

Hiring a Southern MD electrician can be a frustrating and expensive process, but hiring the right person for the job can save you money and trouble in the long run. When choosing an electrician to come out to work on your house, no matter how small the project, being licensed and insured should be a requirement.

You might be wondering why hiring an insured Southern MD electrician is so important. Here are a few reasons:


First and foremost, your safety is of the utmost importance. A properly licensed and insured electrician is more likely to do the job correctly, reducing the risk of injury to you or anyone else. Death or injury by electric shock due to an improperly wired outlet, switch, or other mishap is a very real danger. To avoid this sort of accident, you are better off hiring a reputable, licensed, and insured electrician.

If an electrician has a good reputation and carries the appropriate licensing and insurance, he or she is much likely to perform good work and leave no loose ends, which means your home and the people in it are likely in good hands.


If an electrician is licensed and insured they are more likely to actually have the experience and know how to fix all manner of electrical issues. Think of it like a screening process or necessary resume detail.

It’s not that someone can’t be a talented electrician without  being licensed and insured, it’s just that a licensed and insured reputable electrician is very unlikely to be very unskilled or a phony.

It is highly unlikely that a shoddy repairman trying to pass himself off as an experienced electrician is going to go through the trouble of obtaining a fake license and proof of insurance, but it doesn’t hurt to call and verify that they have valid coverage for the task being done.


If an accident occurs, you want to be covered for any damages. In the worst possible scenario, if some terrible accident occurred at the hands of an uninsured electrician, you could be responsible for the damages to your home and whatever medical bills are incurred by anyone involved in the accident. This includes any damage or injury that the electrician suffers as well. Yes, you could be responsible for someone else’s mistake if the electrician is not properly insured.

A properly licensed and insured electrician is required to have a certain level of liability insurance coverage depending on the extent of the job. That way, if an accident does occur, both you and the electrician are covered.

Hiring a reputable electrician who is licensed and insured might cost more than a handyman that you found on Craigslist, but in the end the extra expense is worth it. With any luck no accidents will occur and your project will be done quickly and without incident, but in the event that something does go wrong, you want to know that you and your family are covered.

Call Buckler Electric when you need a reputable, licensed, and insured Southern MD electrician.

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